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Why our office

Our goal is to help you to have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime! 



New patient exam is a VIP exam:


We will make certain that during your first visit the doctor will take the time to find out about you and your oral health goals.  We will then complete a thorough exam of your head, neck and teeth.  By examining the health of your chewing muscles, jaw joint, bite, teeth, gums, soft tissues and jawbone, we will be able to fully access the health of your entire oral cavity and not just your teeth.  When the doctor makes his recommendations it is as a consultant.  With this information, you will be better informed to make decisions about the type of care you choose.  We allow you to make the decisions about your care.  You have the choice to decide to do all the recommended treatment, some of the treatment or none of the treatment. You will also be given alternative treatments and the pros and cons of that treatment so that there are no surprises.


We value your time:


Beginning at your first visit you will see that our office is committed to running on time. Rarely will you have to wait beyond your appointment time and sometimes we will be able to see you earlier.  In the event that we are running behind, every effort is made to inform you, so you may come later or reschedule.


We are committed to prevention:


Our belief is that the best dentistry is the least dentistry.  We utilize digital x-rays, an intra-oral camera, diagnodent (laser to detect small areas of decay not visible by x-rays), and spend the time examining and providing recommendations and instruction on home fluoride, xylitol and other home therapies to reduce disease and the amount of dentistry you will need.


“Our philosophy of care is that less is best.”  By early detection we can provide the least amount of treatment necessary.  That means if we can do a filling for you—instead of a crown—it’s less.  If your tooth requires a crown, but we can avoid a root canal — that is less.  Certainly, if we can keep your tooth rather than removing it and replacing it with a bridge or something removable—that is less!  Less time in the dental chair and less cost to you. 

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